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While we recommend that leather and fur is professionally cleaned and maintained, leather is easier to maintain at home. As fur represents the ultimate luxury, it also must be maintained to the highest scrutiny. Like matters of our own health, repairing fur is best done at the first sign of damage. Fur is much easier to repair before the damage has gotten out of hand. Small rip are easier to fix than large ones. Slight wear on your cuffs or pockets, are easier to fix than large worn areas. We often don't think about it, because the seams that hold fur coats together are harder to spot, and therefore damage is harder to identify.

Regular Maintenance
If you have owned your fur coat for many years and have never had it cleaned or repaired, you can bring your coat to us and we will inspect it for you. We have repaired thousands of fur coats, and our expert eyes can spot burgeoning rips and seam tears early. We know how valuable your fur is to you, and we take supreme care in our alterations and repairs. Let's say that your fur has a bare spot, or even worse, a visible hole. We have a large supply of fur, in every style and color. We can locate a great match and perform a seamless repair so, from the outside, not even you will be able to tell where the damage was. As always, we will give you a fair price on all repairs before starting any work.